What is Netlinking?

Netlinking is an SEO technique designed to demonstrate its popularity in the eyes of search engines through links from other websites to yours. The objective is to increase the number of quality links pointing to the same site, in order to improve the popularity of the same site in Google's eyes. While the weight of external links has been weighted by Google to avoid any manipulation of its SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), they still have a significant impact on search engine results. How to implement a netlinking strategy that is both effective and sustainable? Link anchor, semantic context, what is a good backlink?

Referent domain, backlink, netlinking, what is it?

To fully understand the importance of a good netlinking strategy, you must first of all master the SEO jargon. Referent domain, backlink: what is it really about? Backlink: definition A backlink, literally in French "backlink", is a hypertext link from another website. As the latter is located on a page external to the linked site, it is called an external link. In contrast, an internal link is a link linking two pages of the same domain name. Example: a site A (site-emetteur.fr) makes a link in one of its pages to a site B (site-reception.fr). Site B therefore benefits from a backlink or an external link from Site A. Lead domain: definition A referring domain is the name given to the site that has provided an external link to another site. When search engines want to determine the popularity of site B, they will see that site A is a leading domain of site B, that it transmits its popularity to it and trusts it. Receiving links from many websites such as Site A will allow Site B to show that many websites trust it, and that as such search engines can position it in their results without fear. Until 2012, this natural referencing technique simply consisted in multiplying the number of external links. Today, Google and other search engines will also look carefully at the quality of the links I receive, to make sure I'm not manipulating webmasters and overly asking for links to my site, which would go against Google's Guides, and could lead my site to take a positioning penalty (loss of positions on a set of keywords).
SEO: Netlinking, how does it work?
What is Netlinking strategy for SEO?

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