SEO: Netlinking, how does it work?

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the basics of netlinking, so that you have an idea of what it is all about after reading it. It is not intended to be exhaustive on the subject, or to go into technical details. Just know that netlinking is one of the main components of SEO. It is useful to know the main workings of the system.

What is netlinking?

It is the fact of having incoming links, which lead to your company's website. To do this, we set up netlinking strategies, which should make it possible to increase this number of links, and therefore to improve your referencing. In practice, this takes the form of netlinking campaigns. It is a question of carrying out various actions in order to obtain links leading to its site. For example, create links in directories, or post comments on other blog articles, by putting links to your site. To be effective, a campaign must be carried out over the long term. Doing too much in the short term is risking being penalized by Google.

Quantity or quality

Currently, some opt for quantity, by multiplying links to directories, comments on blogs... Others recommend having fewer links, but making sure they come from "quality" sites. Indeed, it is more interesting to be highlighted in the article of a partner site, or to see one of its content relayed on an influential site. A few weeks ago, Neocamino offered you an article on the future evolution of SEO, with the arrival of the new Google algorithm, Penguin 2.0. We were telling you about it, Matt Cutts has the will to sanction more severely the "abusive" referencing. Generating a large number of links to its site is one of those processes that Google wants to fight.

What is a quality link?

Several criteria can be used to assess the value of a link:
  • It must come from a "secure" site, trusted and well referenced.
  • It contains the keywords on which the page is optimized.
  • It must come from a page that has content. The page itself must be well referenced, the result must be natural.
  • It is preferable to obtain links that come from "dofollow" sites. However, don't be omnibulated by dofollow sites; you could be penalized by Google. The links must seem natural.
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