3 reasons to use Google Ads to promote your business

Unlike many popular digital marketing techniques, delivering your ads with Google Ads (Adwords) is not free. You can:
  • communicate for free on social networks such as Facebook, spread your brand there and chat with influencers without having to take out your Visa card
  • write quality content to strengthen your SEO and increase your traffic acquisition, without spending a penny
  • create a YouTube channel and engage your audience...
With online advertising, you have to pay to enter the field and be able to play. And in just a few days, you can lose a lot of money. Yet, despite these risks of wasting time and money, Adwords is a real gold mine. We present here 3 main reasons to use Google Adwords paid search engine optimization. Visit https://instaon.io/en for more about Google Ads.

Advantage 1: Google Ads brings you results quickly

Social media requires a lot of hard work from you, starting from nothing. You need to get followers, shares, retweets... They are great for engaging cold prospects, but they are also very energy consuming and time consuming. Unless you already have a community or a very popular site, generating engagement on social networks takes months or even years. Natural referencing is my main focus. But its results take longer to emerge. It is a webmarketing strategy that is quite relevant, but in the medium term. You need to find keywords, create value-added content, optimize this content, popularize your site by creating incoming links... In SEO, you compete with thousands of other companies on the same keyword. Your web content must be irresistible, benefit from many incoming links and be regularly updated. Only then can you expect good results in 3 to 12 months. The truth is that most digital marketing strategies do not make you successful in a single day. But there is indeed a digital strategy that is an exception to this rule: Google Adwords marketing. In an instant, your Google Ads campaigns are activated, bring you qualified contacts, generate sales...

Advantage 2. Google is used by more than 90% of Internet users

Today, Google is present in the daily lives of most people. Do we have a question? You go to your smartphone or PC to find the best answer. And what search engine do you use to ask your question? If we want to compare Google with the other engines, the situation is very clear in French-speaking countries. Challengers like Yahoo and Bing are practically unused. Google generally occupies more than 90% of the search field. If you want to advertise on the internet, it seems obvious that it is on Google that you must appear to be seen by your potential customers. If you are not a multinational, it is not through Bing that you will get many customers. More importantly, if you want to reach your target audience as close as possible to their needs and wishes, Google Adwords is by far the best platform.

Advantage 3. Adwords is profitable for any company

Whatever your industry, business model and objectives, Google Ads can clearly boost you. Do you simply want to broadcast text ads? No problem, you can launch your Adwords campaign which will be broadcast in a few seconds. Do you want to display your company in Google maps and Google my business results? It's just as easy. You have a lot of possibilities to appear before your customers' eyes:
  • Search results on Google
  • Goggle Partner Sites
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Only your mobile phone number...
  • With remarketing, you can also reach people who have come to your site, but have not gone on to buy.
For example, if they clicked on one of your ads, but did not buy or request a quote, you can easily create a specific campaign to reach these hot prospects. Using these commercial links allows you to quickly get your business off the ground. While natural referencing takes longer to bring its results.
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