What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a tool that allows you, through campaigns, to make yourself known to your target audience. But also to make sales, get leads and/or calls according to your sector and objectives. If you wish to know more about Google AdWords, check instaon.io/. We can divide Google campaigns into several categories: text campaigns, visual campaigns also called banners, Youtube campaigns made from video and finally shopping campaigns for E-commerce. Campaigns can be broadcast on Google’s search network, on partner sites in Google’s network and on the display network that includes Youtube.

Text campaign

We will start with the basics: text campaigns. This type of campaign consists of two titles of 30 characters maximum each, a description line of 80 characters maximum, a URL to display and a destination URL.

How to create a text campaign on the search network?

To create a text campaign, you can either go to the Google AdWords site or to Google AdWords Editor. You can either buy keywords in large modified, expression, exact and / or large. It is up to you to choose the targeting that best suits your strategy.

In most cases, the ideal is to favor the purchase of large modified keywords. With this type of correspondence, you choose the keywords you absolutely want to see appear and allow searches with other terms before, between, and even after. Simply add a “+” before each word to indicate to the system that you want to use this targeting. The basic process is therefore to buy terms such as, for example, +plumber +paris +2. And as soon as a user types a search with this expression, the ad will appear and the user will have the possibility to click on the ad and see the site or call directly through the call extension. If you create your campaign with the Google AdWords site, you only have to fill in the requested information.

Why do text campaigns? What are the advantages?

Text ads on the search network are mainly used for campaigns that need profitability. The advantage is therefore to be able to have a very precise targeting by choosing the best terms related to our product or service. Once the conversion tracking is installed, you can see which term has not only generated a conversion, but also the turnover it has brought you. You can also pause or exclude certain terms if they do not bring a sale or qualified lead.

Display/video campaign

Display campaigns can be in the form of texts, banners or videos. Advertisements for its campaigns are only published on Google’s display network sites.

How to create display and video campaigns?

To create a video campaign, you just need a video. You can host it on Youtube. For display ads, you have several options: make text ads, import banners in GIF format for example or create banners directly via the Google tool.

Why do Display and Video campaigns? What are the advantages?

The main purpose of these campaigns is to increase brand or product awareness. The more an Internet user sees your product, the more likely they will be to buy it rather than a similar product from another brand. Several types of campaigns are possible on the display network: those that target Internet users who have already visited your site, called remarketing campaigns, similar audience campaigns that target Internet users who have a similar behavior to people who have already seen your site, campaigns by theme, by keyword, etc.

The choice is so wide that you will inevitably find the right campaign, or even the campaigns that best target your target audience to achieve your objectives.

Shopping campaign

A shopping campaign consists of the product photo, the product name and its price.

How to create a shopping campaign?

To create a shopping campaign, you must first have a Google merchant center account, create a feed with the products and then, on Google AdWords, create one or more campaigns with the products.

Why do shopping campaigns? What are the advantages?

The primary advantage is visual. The customer sees the product right away and we are only charged if the user clicks on the ad. The other strong point of this campaign is the possibility to choose which products to highlight, to choose different auctions according to profitability or stock of merchandise but also to visually highlight advantages such as free delivery or a promotion. It is also possible to exclude certain products that will never be released. You can also do shopping campaigns with different budgets and seasonal shopping campaigns that you activate and deactivate according to the seasons.


Google AdWords allows you to have campaigns on the search network and on the display network. You can vary the ad formats with text, banners, videos, and even shopping ads. Today, to promote your products and services, you have to be everywhere and do not neglect any support that attracts prospects. The ideal is therefore to have both text campaigns, banners and shopping, if the site is a merchant.

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