Online marketing

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to all the techniques and tools that automate marketing actions in order to generate more qualified leads for sales people and increase a company’s sales, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the marketing department. To answer…

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How to boost your marketing strategy?

Choosing outbound marketing or inbound marketing? In a current environment saturated with advertising messages and promotional offers, the consumer is in high demand and becomes a difficult target to attract. In this context, what strategy should be adopted to succeed…

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Campaign management: the 5 essentials of the ideal software

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information you have about your customers? Age, occupation, location, and favourite breakfast cereals… what do they mean?! There are so many tools and tips to help you get all the information…

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Online marketing campaign management software

A marketing solution is essential to better manage the organization and segmentation process. Marketing campaign software is particularly concerned with targeting and creating marketing content. What is online marketing campaign management software? Definition Marketing campaign management software is a tool…

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