Online marketing campaign management software

A marketing solution is essential to better manage the organization and segmentation process. Marketing campaign software is particularly concerned with targeting and creating marketing content.

What is online marketing campaign management software?


Marketing campaign management software is a tool designed to boost the sale of new products, those already on the market or those that have been improved. Whether it is to build customer loyalty or target prospects, these solutions have the one and only goal of optimizing revenue while improving the customer experience. They allow the company's campaign manager to ensure its marketing strategy.

How does it work?

It is an automation marketing application; i. e. the automation of marketing tasks is its main functionality. This type of tool is programmed to monitor a company's marketing campaigns. Basically, the software collects different data on loyal and potential customers. Some modules ensure that they collect comments from Internet users on a product or service posted online. All this information is then analysed by the software to create a report on the performance of the company's campaigns. The goal is to successfully configure various scenarios to determine which strategy will be most beneficial.

What are the main features of SaaS marketing campaign software?

The functionalities of marketing campaign software in SaaS mode vary from one version to another. Nevertheless, it is important that it has the following functions:

Lead management

If the software offers lead management, the user will be able to enhance the value of his potential customers. In general, the activities of prospects are noted. The software records the time they spent reading an article, as well as the links they opened or subscriptions they made. The information collected will help the marketing team to qualify its prospects. Who is interested in what? Which products are the most interesting? Adopting an effective strategy then becomes feasible.

Data management

In marketing, customer knowledge is necessary to give value to your brand and build a strong relationship with your buyers. This information helps to identify the consumers to target, to determine the products they are looking for or the services they need. Nevertheless, collecting all the information requires a lot of time. This is why it is preferable to automate them, hence the usefulness of specific software. The data Ming teams will only have to study the segmented data.

The realization of emailing’s

Faced with the dematerialization of activities, email campaigns become an ideal solution to optimize sales and effectively launch new products. The tool offers different email templates from which the user can choose. He can modify them or write new ones, according to his requirements. The software sends the message quickly and in bulk, taking into account the needs of each customer; namely that some tools allow you to send videos or audio files to optimize the marketing campaign.

Who uses online marketing campaign management software?

Online marketing campaign management software can be used by all commercial companies, regardless of their size and the type of product or service they offer. Any company looking for a way to satisfy its customers and increase its productivity can use this type of tool. It should be noted that these software have become essential to launch effective marketing actions. Ensuring the success of a marketing strategy becomes easier thanks to software capable of providing all the necessary data to understand the needs of buyers.
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