3 reasons to use Google Ads to promote your business

Unlike many popular digital marketing techniques, delivering your ads with Google Ads (Adwords) is not free. You can: communicate for free on social networks such as Facebook, spread your brand there and chat with influencers without having to take out…

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Learn more about paid referencing SEA

We often talk about natural referencing (SEO), a little less about paid referencing (SEA) and therefore Google AdWords. AdWords is the advertising program on Google’s search engine. It allows you to create advertising campaigns with simple and effective ads on…

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How to use Google AdWords

Today, it is essential to optimize your visibility on the Internet. Indeed, the more you are present on social networks, on research networks, or on various websites, the more your notoriety increases. And it is essential so that Internet users,…

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a tool that allows you, through campaigns, to make yourself known to your target audience. But also to make sales, get leads and/or calls according to your sector and objectives. If you wish to know more about…

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