Why Product Information is Key to E-commerce Success

For any e-commerce business, providing clear and detailed product information is essential for success. In today’s digital age, consumers rely heavily on accurate and comprehensive product information before making a purchase. This is where the importance of product information comes…

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conversion rate

How to improve your conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the basic measurement of one’s performance in marketing campaigns. To put it into perspective, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that visit a website’s landing page and then convert into customers, buying whatever is being…

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Google Ads: Google’s advertising platform

Google Ads is an essential visibility lever. Often opposed to SEO, it is actually complementary to natural referencing and forms with the latter the two pillars of any good online visibility strategy. Created in October 2000, Google AdWords is Google’s…

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Select the best site to create a blog that will boost your visibility!

A blog can bring you 73% more prospects! You understand it therefore, it is an essential tool to reach your target and boost your business. Are you wondering about choosing a site to create a blog? This article presents 5…

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How to have a perfectly organized website tree structure?

Creating your site’s tree structure will allow all visitors to have an immediate view of the information you want to deliver to them.  If, on the other hand, the tree structure of your website is not well thought out, your…

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Seven ways to link to your Website on a daily basis

The more search engines develop their algorithms, the more difficult it seems to be to get good links that help, without affecting your marketing plans. The bad news is… it’s actually more difficult. The good news is… It’s still possible….

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