Select the best site to create a blog that will boost your visibility!

A blog can bring you 73% more prospects! You understand it therefore, it is an essential tool to reach your target and boost your business. Are you wondering about choosing a site to create a blog? This article presents 5 of them that can boost your traffic! At neocamino, the professional blog is an essential tool to boost our visibility and our notoriety. With a structured method and a sharing of our know-how, we manage to generate more than 80,000 visits per month on our blog. To start your blog for business purposes, we can help you get started by giving you some initial advice.

WordPress: The leader and most complete

WordPress will allow you to create a website or blog in just a few minutes.  It is a content management system that offers many designs for your site. These designs are called "themes". Your site is therefore customizable in just a few clicks. And if you don't like the first chosen theme, you can change it without any worries without losing your content! The advantage of WordPress is that it is the leader of the CMS. There is therefore a strong community with which to interact to improve yourself or find solutions to your problems. Wordpress is also very well designed for the referencing of your site or blog. You can add many plugins on this subject, such as WordPress SEO from Yoast! Many free and quality plugins can be added, which will allow you to continuously improve the quality of your content or presentation. This is the tool we use at neocamino for our blog and website. And we are very satisfied with it!

Jimdo: The simplest

Jimdo is a great editor and site to create a blog! It is easy to use and above all very intuitive. You can create and manage your blog in just a few clicks. Jimdo explains it on his website, all you have to do is:
  • find an idea and an original concept;
  • create your blog for free with Jimdo;
  • write blog articles regularly;
  • Choose your domain name and make your blog known.
The choice remains much more limited than on WordPress. But Jimdo is the guarantee to have a "SEO friendly" website! You can therefore practice SEO to boost your traffic and attract prospects. Here are some examples of JIMDO sites. Justine, communication manager for the company, sent us her selection:
  • Amaranth
  • Pastry business
  • Just One Way Ticket
Wix allows you to manage your blog without technical skills. It offers many free themes! As announced on its Wix site it is "Hundreds of customizable templates.  More than 60 million users. » Choose the blog section and choose the one that best suits your project in the sections: "Reviews and comments", "Company" or "Personal". The big advantage of Wix is unconditionally the aesthetics of the proposed sites. The sites are very elegant and you have a varied choice. You will undoubtedly find your happiness there. The Wix community manager gave us his selection according to your sector of activity!
  • My Travel Mag
  • Art of living meeting
  • DVNA
  • Sanhadja
  • The Curious Owl

Tumblr: the hybrid

You can post really diverse formats: photo, animated gif, video, quotation, audio... It works on the same principle as Twitter, you follow blogs, and others can also follow your blog. You can also "Reblog" items that you liked and be reblogged yourself. In this case, the re-blogged article will appear in your own blog and will be visible to the people who follow you. It is a site that mixes content publishing and micro-blogging. To be tested! One of the pioneers is a site to create a blog belonging to Google. If you already have an account, you can access without any need to register! Its use is free of charge. If you don't have a website with a blog included, doing it on is a good alternative. Google tool obliges, the blog will be SEO friendly even if some themes do not allow you to use H1 titles for example - be careful! So here is our selection! Test them, you will find the site to create a blog that suits you. And blogging will then become a real pleasure! To help you from the beginning at Neocamino we have implemented a solution that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed on the Internet without knowledge. You can test our solution for free for one week.
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