Seven ways to link to your Website on a daily basis

The more search engines develop their algorithms, the more difficult it seems to be to get good links that help, without affecting your marketing plans. The bad news is... it's actually more difficult. The good news is... It's still possible. In addition, while making this more difficult, search engines also make it harder for website owners to do better and ensure that their efforts lead to good quality traffic. Better quality traffic = More sales. So here are seven ways to create links to your website on a daily basis.

Create new content regularly

Having informative and interesting content will allow you to attract people with the same interests, while making them want to offer you feedback links within their posts. Excellent content also naturally invites consumers and readers to share it on social networks! Did you say "viral? That's what you've been thinking about... and that's what you want.

Create an Informative Product

An informative product can be as short as a one-page shopping guide or as long as a 50-page eBook, and anything in between. The good thing about this type of content... is that it is also an excellent platform to integrate many internal links, which will lead readers to your virtual doorway. There are several informative product styles that you can use to create different offers for the same links and products. Flexibility is high. Make good use of social networking sites that promote backlinks: Big, powerful factories like Facebook and Twitter have "" tags included in their programming. While the links on these pages are excellent for traffic, they do not help you at all in terms of SEO. This is not true for all social networking sites. Create a Google Profile page for a widely used link that does not have a "" tag, and... that is linked to Google. Reddit, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others are also good places to place links that will count in your optimization efforts.

Answer questions about Quora quickly

Not only does this help you get into the consumer's mind, but it also introduces you as someone who knows what they are talking about... and you get a feedback link.

Go to HARO

Find journalists who work on similar articles with what you have to offer. Provide them with information, and they will talk about you.

Hang out in popular places

Find discussion forums and get involved. It is not spam if you answer questions by providing real answers and information. Make sure you always provide something that contributes to the community, and you can take advantage of a link within your signature. Even if the forum does not allow you to include signature links, you can still add a link within your text as long as it is consistent. However, you should avoid using the anchor text tool to do this.

Give to Receive

An excellent way to get links is to offer them yourself. Now, simply placing a link in the middle of a link list in a sidebar is not really going to give you a good harvest... On the other hand, create a good article with a contextual link inside, and you will be on the right track. Then send a thoughtful message to the owner of the website of the link you have placed on your website or blog. Let him know that you have found his blog or a page from his blog interesting, and give him the link to your article. It won't always generate a return link, but it often works.

Find out where others get their links

It may sound sneaky, but a little espionage is always good when it comes to business. Find out where your competitors get their links, and get closer to these places to get the opportunity to have a guest article or get a link. To learn more, take a look at this article by eskimoz and dive into Neocamino's SEO guide. There is never a guarantee that your articles or links will generate traffic, but by applying these 7 strategies in your daily link building routine, you will more easily develop a powerful traffic flow.
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