How to have a perfectly organized website tree structure?

Creating your site's tree structure will allow all visitors to have an immediate view of the information you want to deliver to them.  If, on the other hand, the tree structure of your website is not well thought out, your site may have a modern and pleasant graphic design, but visitors will not be able to find and understand the information they are looking for. Moreover, your referencing and therefore your ranking on search engines such as google or yahoo, will be bad. Your entire online storefront may be ineffective. This may result in you missing out on many customers or contracts.

To create the tree structure of your website is to guide your visitors

The tree structure of a website can be defined as a system for classifying data by hierarchy. Thus, we can summarize the notion of a website tree structure by saying that it corresponds to its architecture. This is why, creating the tree structure of your website usually takes the form of a schema that will organize the pages of the site and define the navigation paths. Obviously, the more information there is, the denser the site is, the more complex the tree structure will be to create. An example of a website tree structure is as follows: main menu, secondary menus, sidebar to allow the suggestion of articles or products and footer to access the main categories of the site. Creating a site tree structure means anticipating the navigation logic of visitors in order to guide them towards the information they are looking for. Once the architecture of the website has been created, its effectiveness will have to be verified by checking the visitors' navigation paths. If necessary, the tree structure will be improved.  The more clear and structured your tree structure, the more your visitors will find the information or product they are looking for, the more they will trust your service and your company and the less they will look for missing information from competitors.

Creating the tree structure of your website is to boost your SEO

The tree structure of your website will also be a considerable asset for the referencing of your site with search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Indeed, to define the order in which the results appear, these search engines analyze the links between the pages of your site. Google analyzes millions of websites and pages every day. Thus, the more difficult it is to access a page, the less it will be found by search engines and therefore your site may never appear in the search results of Internet users.  That's why having a well-constructed site that also includes a site map will make it easier to explore and index your content. It is also necessary to keep in mind that a well thought out and adapted tree structure can considerably improve the time of visits to your site. However, this factor is also taken into account by search engines to define the positioning of your site in the results presented once the request is entered. So certainly, thinking and building the tree structure of your website requires time and work. However, as we have seen, it is worth it both for future visitors and to be taken into account by search engines. Indeed, having a clear and well thought-out website tree structure is a highly successful economic strategy for companies, merchants and professionals. Don't miss it!
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