How to use Google AdWords

Today, it is essential to optimize your visibility on the Internet. Indeed, the more you are present on social networks, on research networks, or on various websites, the more your notoriety increases. And it is essential so that Internet users, potential customers and your current customers can find you more easily and have a better chance of being interested in what you offer. Google AdWords allows you to promote yourself and improve your notoriety. Indeed, with your ads, users will be able to find your products and your site, which could interest them. Check for more information about Google AdWords. In addition to that, you will be able to stand out from your competitors thanks to Google AdWords' paid referencing and the quality of your ads.

How Google AdWords works

First, let's introduce Google AdWords. For those who are not yet familiar with Google AdWords, this is Google's advertising platform and its main source of revenue. In concrete terms, this corresponds to the different ads that appear in any Google search above, below and to the right of the results. AdWords ads can also appear on Google partner sites as banners, or as video ads on Youtube for example. These ads are very often directly related to your search. And it's not by chance! Google AdWords operates on a keyword principle and analyzes Internet users' searches to offer them targeted ads. It then encourages advertisers to bid on keywords related to their domain that may be of interest to Internet users in order to appear in the first ads of search results. AdWords then allows them to create, distribute and manage their ads, whether it is a large company or an SME. The main interest of this advertising method lies in an advanced targeting of your audience. People are looking for you, or for things related to what you are proposing, and are therefore likely to need you.

Referencing and optimization

However, you should remember that there is no direct link between Google AdWords and SEO. Natural referencing and paid referencing are completely independent of each other. Just because you use AdWords doesn't mean that Google will improve your SEO. Google's advertising agency will only allow you to reach more Internet users so that they know you and talk about you. Of course, the more people know about your site and your products, the more visits you will have to your site and notoriety, and the more likely you will be to get in the search engine results. There is therefore no direct link, but over time, AdWords can help you improve your SEO. Before you start working with AdWords, be aware that one of the prerequisites is to have a website! The sponsored link of your ads can only redirect to a viable website (or a landing page optimized for AdWords), and not to a Page on social networks for example.
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