What is Netlinking? How to use it to improve your SEO?

Netlinking is one of the components of an SEO strategy; it allows improving the visibility of a website by creating Backlinks. How to improve your SEO by creating links? Definition of Netlinking Netlinking is also called link building or external linking. It is a strategy that consists in increasing the number of backlinks to a website to improve its positioning and visibility.

The essential backlink

A netlinking strategy is based on increasing the number of hyperlinks to the web page to be made more visible. Backlink is therefore the main ingredient of a link building strategy and as such, the quality of backlinks is essential. What is a quality backlink? For an efficient and sustainable netlinking strategy, a backlink must respect quality criteria, here is a non-exhaustive list:
  • The backlink must come from a web page whose textual content is in the same theme as that of the targeted page,
  • It must come from a popular page with PageRank greater than 3 (or a trust flow greater than 40),
  • The incoming link must come from a web page with few outgoing links to keep a good link juice,
  • The anchor text must describe the content that the user will find on the link's landing page, avoid text anchors of the type: learn more, click here...
  • Prefer a link on a web page with seniority,
  • It is necessary to diversify the sources of incoming links, 100 links from 100 different sites will be more effective than 100 links from the same site,
  • Make sure that the link is correctly located, it must be located in the editorial content of the page and if possible on several pages,
  • Avoid a massive influx of incoming links in a short period of time and prefer a smooth acquisition of backlinks over time,
  • Prefer links from high-traffic domains.
By respecting all these quality criteria in the acquisition of your links, your netlinking will be efficient and sustainable.
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