The Top 10 marketing tips for your e-commerce project

To succeed in online sales, it is important to know the right e-commerce tips and to attract as many buyer visitors as possible. Here are our top 10 marketing tips to boost your e-commerce project.

Obtain your professional e-commerce license

The professional e-commerce license is obtained after training in digital marketing and e-commerce. It allows acquiring the necessary knowledge to create and/or increase the online sales activity of a merchant site and to ensure its profitability through the implementation of various techniques of sales animation, traffic development, conquest and optimization. It is your driving license for your web project. Having a professional e-commerce license will therefore offer you a big advantage in terms of e-commerce marketing and online store management. It will allow you to better master marketing techniques, commercial transactions, digital strategy, etc.

Choosing the right e-commerce solution

To succeed in your business website, you need the right tools. Many automated e-commerce solutions exist on the market such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Oxatis. They each have their own specificities and market positioning. If you have high requirements, it is recommended to opt for a complete e-commerce platform in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode that supports all aspects of the creation and development of a merchant site. Other points that can push you to choose a global solution: a real e-commerce platform takes care of the graphic composition of your site until its hosting, including its natural referencing. It is a solution that offers real advantages in terms of e-commerce marketing and allows you to build your website efficiently.

Establish an effective digital marketing strategy

To convert your visitors into customers and boost your sales, you need to implement a good digital marketing strategy. This requires exploiting all the digital communication techniques that can enable you to generate traffic and build customer loyalty. Natural referencing, display ads, remarketing, commercial links, video marketing, press relations... are all practices that have become essential to all modern communication strategies and action plans. Blogging is also a good way to attract visitors and improve your brand image: resign-viewed on the effectiveness of content marketing! Each online store should have a blog to promote its products and provide relevant content to consumers (videos, comparisons, tests...).

Improve natural referencing to attract traffic

The number one rule of digital communication, to improve the traffic of an e-commerce site, is to optimize its natural referencing. This includes SEO optimization of the site, content marketing (marketing of French content), and any other natural referencing technique. You should not just publish product sheets that could be seen on any other online sales site. Regularly publish quality content on your site (in a blog section for example). This will contribute to your natural SEO in search engines and improve the customer experience, traffic and growth of your e-shop. Some e-commerce solutions have the advantage of offering a site architecture optimized for natural referencing. They include areas designed to appear on the first page of search engines. The Title, Meta Description and inter-titles tags (H titles or n title) are for example included by default. The SaaS solution also offers its e-merchant customers a mobile version of their site, easy to configure and customize, and incorporating the content of the site already optimized for natural referencing.

Take advantage of social networks

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is another way to increase the traffic of your e-commerce site by being present and active on social networks. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are all web communication tools that can help you improve the visibility of your online store and your brand image. Social networks are also an effective way to build customer loyalty. Loyalty in digital marketing comes from interaction. The dialogue you have with your customers will encourage them to follow your brand, repeat their purchases and they will contribute to your reputation. With a well thought-out marketing content, you will make them your most loyal ambassadors.

Working with influencers

Influence marketing is on the rise right now in the E-business! This digital marketing and communication technique consists in taking advantage of the recommendation power of influencers, i.e. YouTubers, bloggers and other users of social networks monitored by a large community. Some of these influencers have an audience to make many official media pale. Partnering with them to talk about your products is one of the marketing actions that will help you improve your brand image, your notoriety and boost your action plan.

Use advertising to generate traffic

You can increase direct traffic to your online store through well-placed ads, taking care to choose the right formats and banner types. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) provides instant high visibility, paid search engine optimization that will also allow you to increase your traffic acquisition. Google AdWords is also an excellent e-commerce marketing tool. It allows you to control your acquisition cost by bidding on a keyword to appear in front of others. Want to know the best ways to take advantage of Google AdWords in your e-commerce marketing? As a perfect Traffic Manager, take advantage of AdWords' opportunities and download our white paper: 12 best practices to develop your sales with Google AdWords.

Know your customers well

The basics of web marketing teach that to build customer loyalty, you need to get to know them by getting as much information about them as possible: names, birthdates, addresses, email, function, hobbies, etc. This information will help you to build a good consumer insight in order to adapt your offer, your emailing campaigns, your commercial speech... Consumer insight refers to qualitative and trend studies conducted on consumers' motivations, experiences and expectations of a product. There are several ways to help you collect data to write a good insight and get to know your customers better: emailing, newsletters, games and contests, event planning, surveys, etc. The analysis of this data allows you to segment your customer base in order to personalize your offers according to their loyalty. You can also develop and offer tailored promotions to increase customer satisfaction and therefore your revenue. This is important and useful information to manage any multi-channel relationship marketing campaign.

Do viral marketing (buzz marketing)

All tactics related directly or indirectly to buzz marketing can also allow you to bring qualified Internet users to your site. There are several digital communication techniques for viral marketing:
  • Publication of viral video.
  • Availability of a white paper to download.
  • Organization of a competition.
  • Simple posting of a comment on another site.
Marketers will not lose sight of the return on investment, even if some viral campaigns can be expensive to implement.

Be present on auction sites, price comparison sites: marketplaces

Many E-merchants start the e-commerce adventure with a simple eBay store... But who says that eBay is no longer of any use to you once your e-commerce site is online? Auction sites, or marketplaces such as Price Minister, are distribution channels in their own right. The same goes for price comparators, which are also essential levers for generating traffic on a merchant site. You can take advantage of the high volume of traffic on these sites to increase your chances of making your products visible and accessible to your prospects.


The key to a successful online store is an intelligent marketing strategy adapted to your customers. There are various e-commerce solutions available today to help you get to know your customers and effectively target your communications.
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