E-commerce advantages: why create your own e-commerce site

Starting an e-commerce business is a profitable strategy provided that you learn to master its main advantages, make the right choices and benefit from the appropriate means and solutions. Today, more and more sellers and suppliers of products and services who have a shop or a physical store are successfully introducing themselves to the profession of e-merchant. This experience in the digital online sales market is a great opportunity for companies and brands to develop their business and turnover.

The main trends in e-commerce: what to remember

Are you still hesitating to develop your e-commerce site? Even if you have a small structure, such as a startup, SME or VSE, the news and figures of the online sales sector should confirm you in this new web-marketing strategy with your customers and consumers. The 10th edition of the e-merchant profile study reveals that:
  • 28% of e-merchants are SMEs and VSEs;
  • 30% more SMEs sell online vs. 2016;
  • 29% of physical businesses also have an online store;
  • 40% record an increase in their turnover in physical stores;
  • 48% of e-commerce sites sell to professionals;
  • 80% have a mobile version shop;
  • 83% of e-merchants use social networks.

Complementary physical and online commerce

More and more businesses and brands are offering their customers a digital shopping experience with an e-commerce store. The development of an online sales and purchasing solution allows them to increase their turnover, including the result of offline sales, by an average of 40%. Far from penalising physical commerce, developing its e-commerce website thus actively contributes to a revival of activity and is therefore a real added value for companies.

Mobile, a growth driver for e-commerce

We also note the importance of the development of mobile shops for all merchants and showcase sites. We can really talk about a boom in 2016, thanks in particular to the responsive sites that allow us to benefit from a fluid multi-support and multi-platform customer experience.

Professionals; a new target for e-merchants

The study shows that e-commerce sites that sell to individuals fully develop their potential by also offering their sales to professionals. But e-commerce exclusively dedicated to BtoB is still little used since only 8% have made this choice.

Social networks, an extension of sales actions

Finally, communication on social networks plays an important role in marketing to build customer relationships and engagement with consumers, essential factors for the success of an online merchant site.
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