SEO, SEA and SEM The language of Google, Bing or Yahoo SEO

To optimize the referencing of a website, it is preferable to have some computer knowledge in this field and to master the related software.

SEA definition and what is its use?

SEA (PPC, or CPC) ,also known as Google AdWords, is the English term for Search Engine Advertising, just like SEM its use is subject to a fee. It is the referencing of the click, for a short period or longer depending on the budget you have invested, it quickly brings you visits. It is actually the purchase of keywords on Google by which you pay for the number of clicks on your link. There are other solutions to index your site correctly such as the SMO, which uses social networks (Facebook, Twitter...) Whether it is SEO, SEA or SEM, their objective is to increase the visibility of your site, the first one is free while the last ones are not free but brings a number of "clicks" and a better referencing of your website in a shorter time. Since online presence has become very important for very business, Google AdWords could be used to get the best return on the investment. If you are interested in having more information about Google Ads for business and digital marketing, check

SEO definition and what is its use?

SEO is the English term that stands for Search Engine Optimization, it refers to natural referencing. These are the internal or external techniques used to improve the position of a site in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! It acts at the level of internal optimization, the use of relevant links for the internal links of your site, the use of appropriate keywords, the appropriate tags for the sole purpose of obtaining a higher ranking of your web pages on the results pages and at the same time to be better referenced.

SEM definition and what is its use?

SEM is the English term meaning Search Engine Marketing, belongs to search engine marketing. It is the sum of the activities related to the referencing of your site. More concretely, when an Internet user types a link or a word, the SEM is manifested by the appearance of links above and to the right of the natural results. The SEM uses paid referencing; the interested party pays links, advertisements in order to make his site known. SEM and SEO are two terms used by referencers with the same purpose. Getting a result with SEO is much longer but it has the advantage of being free. To conclude, SEO+SEA+SMO=SEM.
SEO or Adwords: how to choose?

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