SEO or Adwords: how to choose?

Any company that wants to develop on the Internet will face a problem for its visibility: how to invest effectively in SEO? Should we focus on natural referencing, paid referencing or both? Is natural referencing better? The question is therefore whether you should spend this amount on SEO or AdWords. Before going any further and launching a controversial debate, I might as well give you my vision right away: I always favor natural referencing, but sponsored links should not be excluded. In fact, these are two distinct sources of traffic that are not at all of the same use.

The interest of Adwords

AdWords is a "safe" source of traffic as long as you pay. With the bidding system, it is usually enough to put a high bid to appear at the top of the page. It's a bit simplistic, but it remains the basis for visibility in sponsored links. However, it is necessary to add all the optimization variables on keywords, ads, landings pages or retargeting and keywords to exclude. You can check for more information about Google AdWords and advertising platforms. The second advantage is speed. In less than 24 hours, you can create a campaign and appear on Google. The other side of the coin: as soon as you stop paying, you lose all your visibility. It is therefore not an investment like SEO, but a constant burden for the company. Third advantage, we will be able to make constant (and fast) adjustments to refine our results, while an SEO adjustment will take you at least 2-3 days to be applied. AdWords is therefore excellent for starting a site, as well as for having a targeted, flexible and complementary traffic source to SEO.

The interest of SEO

Natural referencing is one of the best sources of traffic, for several reasons. With its site, you can potentially attract hundreds of thousands of visitors via hundreds of thousands of keywords (the so-called long tail), and this with text, image or video content. In addition, the transformation rate of this traffic source is generally high, provided that it is positioned on targeted requests (called niches) or relevant to a need. On the other hand, requests that are too broad are not very remunerative, even if they can attract tens of thousands of visitors (with terms such as Real Estate, Money or Car). But where it gets complicated, it is that natural referencing is sometimes long and uncertain. On some high demand requests, it is not uncommon to have to work for several months to obtain good results. And even after reaching the first position, there is no guarantee that we will stay there...

Do not forget other sources of traffic

Don't forget to always diversify your traffic sources, especially for 100% web-based business; because if one of these sources fails you (penalized site or deleted Adwords account for example), you must be able to survive. And that's where price comparison, emailing, sponsored articles or social networks come into play. Never put all your eggs in one basket!
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