Taking the path of backlinks finally!

Natural referencing requires a set of strategies. Backlinks are one of them. Despite what these words may evoke to you, this is not a journey to the past, but the road that will take you to the front page of search engines. Discover what a backlink is and, above all, how to obtain it.

All about backlink

A backlink is a link on a site external to yours, which points to one of your pages. This is interesting because it's a way of saying to Google and its competitors, "Oh, look, someone's talking about me. This means I'm interesting and you better put me forward in your search results. "And Google really likes that kind of advice. Each backlink acts as a luminous arrow that indicates your existence to search engines. Be careful though: not all external links are good to take!

The difference between a good and a bad backlink

The Internet pioneers certainly still have in mind these pages which seemed to contain only a list of links, sometimes without logical links between them. Or these directories of sites on which it was then good taste to register, or even these exchanges of links, commercial or not. So many practices that Google's algorithms have since learned to track down. If your site address is mentioned on a page that only points to dozens of other pages, without useful information, the only way you will take is a siding! A quality backlink is:
  • contextual, that is, integrated into an informative text that has a real reason to communicate about you;
  • from a site that is itself considered quality by Google;
  • In relation to your activity, on a site or an article of a related theme.
Nevertheless, there are many links of lesser importance that contribute to your notoriety, such as those of social networks, or even YouTube videos. Each of them is a small rock on the path that guides Google to you.

How to multiply backlinks?

You have now understood that the more external links you have, the better. But these bonds do not come especially when you are just starting out. Here are the techniques to follow to obtain it.   Provide quality content on your site. This seems obvious, but the more you see yourself as a reference and source of information, the more likely you are to be cited by others at some point. In the contents, there are of course texts, but also computer graphics, which have a much appreciated viral potential.

Commenting on others' blogs

This is a method that can quickly become time-consuming, especially when done well, but which nevertheless bears fruit at many levels. First, you make yourself known to the author of the blog, as well as to its readers. Secondly, the address of your site, which you will have registered, counts as a new indication. For an optimal result, however, write valuable comments (spamming is very frowned upon in this area).

Writing for others

Guest blogging is another practice that allows you to make yourself known, both to readers and search engines. It is often a link to your home page that will be mentioned, but you can also try to include a link to an internal page, which is even more effective. Look for broken links on other sites, and provide a link to your content instead. As you can see, back links cannot be obtained without a minimum of work. It is a path that will take you far... so take the time to enjoy it.
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